Monday, February 25, 2013

A New Journey

At the urging of my husband (whom I believe is seeking the vicarious notoriety he had from my last blog) and my friend, Anna (who never fails to inspire me with her own unique spin on crazy), I have decided to dedicate myself to the possibility of a new blog with a new-to-you topic: me! (Plus, my kids are now the age at which they would likely kill me for writing about them so I have to find a new topic.)

So, in an effort to cope with becoming uncomfortably close to 40, I decided I was going to take a trip back to my roots. To "find myself". Or, perhaps, just a reintroduction. Call it a low-budget mid-life crisis, if you feel you have to, but as I began to reflect upon life between parenting (my last blog) and nearly (but not yet!) 40, it occurred to me that I am burned out and I need to start fresh.

In the spirit of allowing others to learn from the mistakes of others, I've decided that I'm about as fair game as I can get. Having said that, as committed as I am to this little project, I don't expect it to last long so get it while you can. Perhaps I will rediscover my sense of humor in the process. And, remember, it's ok to laugh at my expense. I do.

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