Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My name is Helen and I'm an addict

It has been less than 24 hours since I decided to put my social e-life on hold for about two weeks and I'm a mess. I'd be lying to say I haven't found a reason to pop-in and spy for a minute or so. There is just so much to keep up with. So now, instead of being a Facebook user, I'm a Facebook stalker. And I'm not proud. I thought this was going to be a lesson in sanity and an opportunity to demonstrate my high degree of self-control, but I'm discovering that may not be the case. Perhaps going cold turkey was a seriously bad idea.

On any given day, I am used to watching all the unfolding minutia of people's days in real time; planning for the perfect comment; liking the unlikable; sharing with appropriate frequency so that it enhances (not overwhelms) my friends' news feeds; monitoring my chat sessions; and just sitting back with my cup of tea and chillin' with my peeps in between dreary home life, school life, and work life responsibilities. As someone with peeps in just about every time zone, this is excellent social time! Who could ask for more?

Perhaps the biggest disappointment is that I had finally perfected my news feed so that it had the right silliness:seriousness ratio. And now, I don't even get to see it!

Instead of annoying people selectively and in an evenly distributed fashion, I have taken to bothering my friends who text instead. Way more inconvenient for them to be sure, but it seems to help sooth the savage beast. I'm not sure they completely agree though. In fact, one wise (read "bossy") friend has suggested that I find a nice smooth rock to rub to sublimate my frustration and anxiety about going cold turkey. Here's my rock:

Isn't he sweet? And perfectly smooth for rubbing...a lot...

In order to distract from my heart's desire, I'm doing more mundane activities to include:
  • Shaving my legs
  • Planning for my tattoo
  • Cleaning
  • Writing...(yes! This counts!)
  • Playing 4 Pics 1 Word
  • Rubbing my sublimation rock
  • Painting (will probably start on this tomorrow)
Sounds fulfilling, doesn't it? My willpower is waning, but I. Must. Not. Give. least for another few hours.

Text me, PLEASE! Don't leave me to suffer alone!! (Email will work as well, if you are so inclined.) I'm lonely. (Sad face emoticon which doesn't exist on Blogger.....)

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